Semalt Conveys Helpful Information About Internet Fraud And The Ways Of Protecting Yourself Against It.

Shipping (freight) companies are aware of fraudsters using their identity in social media and e-commerce websites to mislead thousands of shoppers who throng these websites.

This is how they normally work. You go through an e-commerce website, identify whatever you wish to buy, check out and complete the payment process. Then, you also get an email requesting you to pay for a shipment before it is dispatched. There's a catch though: the email is not from the official freight company, and the money you're being asked to pay will not be refunded and neither will it help to process your order. Other scams like the lottery scam, where you're informed to have won a sweepstake, lottery or prize for a competition you never took part in the first place.

Freight companies do not offer third-party (escrow) services. As such, do not be sweet talked into wiring payments to anybody. You could be walking into an online scam.

Ross Barber, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, advises you to take into account the following information. Even if there is a consignment number assigned to the shipment, do not be fooled. The product may be included in your shopping basket, but it may actually not be in the hands of the freight company. If you are in any doubt, contact the shipping company or visit their official website. This will ascertain that the shipping company does have the product in its possession. Then you can rest with the assurance your goods will reach you.

Shipping/freight companies do everything in their power to prevent online scams. Their customer service, legal and security departments work closely together to ensure that you (the client) know of all scams and how to avoid them. Furthermore, they cooperate with international organizations such as eBay, Amazon, Western Union and even governments to keep things running smoothly.

What should you do if you're a victim?

In order for the necessary authorities to close down a fraudulent website, they rely on you to report any suspicious activities. Forward the email to the provided address. Note that you won't get any notification when you send the email. It may also be a good idea to report thus to the local authorities vis a vis, the police. There have been a few cases, which have resulted in arrests. With the bad guys behind bars, you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

Raising awareness

As it has been said, there is need to report all cases of online fraud especially those concerning shipping companies. With the public made aware of this menace, these cases will definitely be a thing of the past. Here are some measures used to curb online fraud:

  • > meetings between different stakeholders seeking to address this issue
  • > publishing regular newsletters
  • > guidelines on how the process of shipping for a commodity works. This way, you can easily tell of a scam.

In conclusion, ensure that you tell a friend of what you learn so that they too do not become a victim.